Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Memories of Santa Collection by Don Warning on Youtube!

Where to Find These Ornaments...

You can find the most current list of sellers at the Memories of Santa Collectors Organization. Learn more about the collection and see a wide selection of inspiration pieces held in our archives. Please visit: today!

From History to Ornament

Produced by Christmas Eve, Inc. and later Christmas Reproductions, Inc., this collection highlights the unique evolution of Santa through history. The Memories of Santa CollectionTMwas inspired by antique chocolate molds, early chromolithographs, vintage advertisments, and turn-of-the-century post cards. These beautiful replicas depict the evolution of Santa Claus from the early St. Nicholas to the Santa we know and love today.Although his garments changed from decade to decade and his name varied from country to country, the generosity and spirit of old St. Nicholas has survived through the ages until he became the gift-giving jolly old Santa Claus of our time.Each figure in the Collection is made of earthenware, one of the oldest materials used to make ceramics. The earthenware itself is created using a mixture of koalin, quartz, and feldspar and is then fired at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Each piece is then individually hand painted, and given a stain wash to highlight the fine details of each Santa. The designs and the background of each Santa has been carefully researched and historically documented by the late Don Warning.